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Services available for the Statham, Athens, Oconee, Barrow and Gwinnett County areas.


"Tess trained my quarter horse mare, babygirl and has taken her from a psychotic PTSD survivor,  to a cooperative and productive member of society who can be shoed, can deal with the vet, can be trailered etc.  If tess is leading her, she’s doing it.    She accomplished this miracle in  the only possible way that could have worked: kindness.   Tess is the kindest hearted trainer you could wish for, you can see it in the way the animals respond to her.   She engages their interest, rather than forcing the point.  The proof is Babygirl ADORES Tess, more than me and even more than her dinner."

- Belen Rubio

"Tess is wonderful! She lets me know how my animals are while I am travelling- complete with pictures. It gives me great peace of mind to leave my babies in Tess' care. I know they are well cared for, and I know Tess is experienced and would spot problems. I have left horses, old cats, new kittens, a puppy, and a shy ,sometimes grouchy house cat in her care. I come home to a clean house and happy animals. Highly recommend her to care for your animals!!

- Valerie Puryear

"Tess is the BEST!! She is trustworth y and reliable!!  Our dogs love her and we do too!!"

- Amy Cowan

"Being able to go on vacation without having to worry about your pets are extremely important to most of us. Tess is an animal lover and have been around all types of animals all her life. Unless you will have your vet come over and take care of them while you are gone, Tess is definitely the next best thing."

- Else Willie

"Great I was looking for a good house/pet sitter. Good to know I can cross that off my list."

- Kenneth Venghaus